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  1. Didrik

    HoodiniTheGamer's Moderator Application

    Your Application is being reviewed We are currently taking you into consideration, and making sure that you have what we require for a GSG Trial-Moderator. Thank you for being patient.
  2. Didrik

    A kill what event?

    A kill what event?
  3. Didrik


    Yes haha funny post man!! The lounge is great!
  4. Didrik


    Answer all the questions and provide as much evidence you can! Copy all of the text below the dotted line. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) What is your in-game name and steam...
  5. Didrik

    Appeal Format

    Thread subject format: [Your ingame rp name]'s unban appeal - Answer all the questions and provide as much evidence as you can! - Do not comment/reply on Ban Appeals unless you are involved with the issue. - If you are not following the format we will deny your appeal. - Do not create new...
  6. Didrik

    What a stupid name LOL!

    What a stupid name LOL!
  7. Didrik


    Copy the the questions below and click HERE to make a thread, good luck on your application. 1. What is your time zone and country of residence? 2. Your age: 3. Your SteamID: 4. Your Steam profile URL: 5. Your In-game roleplay name: 6. Your Steam name: 7. Have you ever been banned...

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